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About The Artist

​Brittany Yvonne Penn received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in May of 2012, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, majoring in 2D animation. She currently resides in the pacific northwest.

She is a published illustrator as well as a remote freelance 2D animation assistant & Production Artist for Buzan Animation LLC, which produces 2D animated music videos and visuals for live events. For these projects, Brittany has regularly contributed clean up animation, in-betweens, roughs, color, background painting, props, and visual development such as character concepts and storyboard thumbnailing.


In her spare time she enjoys watching movies and animated series, as well as practicing art while listening to instrumental music (such as game music, movie scores, and jazz) or online art streaming. She also enjoys learning Japanese, learning about science, nature, and about the history of art and animation. Her favorite things to draw are ghosts, animals, kids, dinosaurs, cute creatures, and things that glow in the dark!

Published Children's Books:

2021 - Illustrator - Your're Ewes"written by Rod Galindo

2019 - Illustrator - "Grammarlocks and the Three Theiyr'res"written by Rod Galindo

Animated Projects:

2023 Spring - Clean Up Animator - "Signs of Progress - Clean Energy Lives Here Commercial" - Witness

2023 Spring - Clean Up Animator - "Georgia Power Solar Energy Commercial" - Witness

2022 Fall - Clean Up Animator, Background Painter - "Give A Damn" - James and The Shame

2022 Summer - Clean Up Animator - "For The Fans" Instagram Commercial - Bien Motion Design Studio

2022 Spring - Clean Up Animator, Assistant Animator, Background Painter - "Cartoon Nightmares: City of Venom" - Mashed

2022 Spring - Clean Up Animator - "Evolution of You - Facebook Commercial" - Bien Motion Design Studio

2020 - Clean Up Animator, Assistant Animator, Color Design, Concept Artist, Background Painter - "Storm" by Alampa

2019 - Clean Up Animator - "Little Fishes" by The Claypool Lennon Delirium (Premiered on

2019 - Assistant Animator, Character Designer, Production Artist - "Secret Season" by Ecstatic Union

2018 - Assistant Animator, Lip Sync Animator - "Back In '74" by Endless Boogie

2018 - Assistant Animator & Production Artist - "Camo" by JJUUJJUU (Featured in the L.A. Times 2018)

Animation for Live Events:

2022 Summer - Clean Up Animator - Bad Bunny 2022 Tour - Modern Logic Creative Studio

2021 - Clean Up Animator, Character Designer - Des Rocs Alive Virtual Concert Animated Intro

2021 - Rotoscoper - The Offspring 2021 Tour

2019 - 2D Animation Assistant - Red Hot Chili Peppers – 2019 Tour
2017 - Rotoscoper & After Effects Animator - Incubus 2017 Tour


  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop CC, TVPaint, After Effects, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Toonboom, Illustrator, Premiere, Clip Studio Paint, File Managing, Microsoft Office

  • Wacom Tablet, Cintiq

  • Graphite, Color Pencil, Conte, Graphic Marker, Watercolor, Acrylic

University Coursework

  • Traditional Animation, Flash Animation, Motion Graphics

  • Character Design

  • Preproduction

  • Storyboarding

  • Color, Layout, Background Design

  • Figure and Animal Drawing

  • Scientific Illustration, Natural Illustration, Fashion Illustration

  • Anatomy and Physiology, Evolutionary Mammalogy, Animal

    Behavior, Abnormal Psychology

  • History of Animation, Japanese Art History, Chinese Art History,

    19th Century Art History, World Music and Cultures, Survey of Classical Operas


  • 2012-2017 Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

  • MFA, Majoring in 2D Character Animation

  • 2007-2012 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • BFA, Emphasis on Drawing & 2D Animation

    Merit Scholarship Recipient

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